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My wife lost her house keys when she got drunk in an Alumni Homecoming party.  The bunch of keys was in a key holder, which had our address. We were afraid that the keys would fall into the wrong hands, so we decided to replace our door locks and get new keys. We called this company and they sent two technicians to our house. They came in their company car, wearing their company uniforms. After their polite greetings, they showed us their credentials and Identification papers. I have never met such type of repairmen before; they looked and acted in a very professional manner. When they gave us the estimated cost of the job, we saw that the price was reasonable. They work fast, too.

Robert Jeter

My mother bought an old rundown house in the country as she wanted to be independent from us. She liked the small garden around the house. We were apprehensive about her safety, though she was a feisty old lady. We called this locksmith company to replace the old door locks of the house and to give us our set of spare keys so that we could check on her any time we wanted to. The technicians discovered that the locks of the house were worn-out and that they needed replacement. My mother did not trust strangers and did not want to let the technicians into her house. However, the friendly and courteous technicians satisfied her I.D. requirements and they were able to please the old lady and establish rapport with her.

Thomas Davis

We left for a family reunion in the suburbs, leaving our teenage son in his school, as he had to play in a Tennis championship match. We planned to come home two days later, so our son was left to take care of himself for a day or two. Unfortunately, he managed to lock himself out of the house, leaving the house keys on the kitchen counter when he went out for a game. When he came home, he called us up, not knowing what to do. We called this locksmith company, so they can send someone to help the poor kid. We were quite anxious as we didn’t know these people, but this company was recommended by my brother who said that they were honest and efficient. Thank God they really were.

Dawn Thomas

I own a small store for school supplies and I hired a new assistant who quit the job on his third day. Unluckily, I gave him the key to the store, and he did not return it as he just stopped reporting for work. I needed to replace the door lock before I closed shop that day. I decided to call this company even if I was fearful of locksmiths who might make a duplicate key for their own use. In a matter of thirty minutes, the technicians arrived. I asked for identification papers and the proper credentials, which they were able to produce. I was relieved of my worries as I saw that they worked fast and the price for the service was affordable enough.

Erica Cha

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