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Quality Locksmith In Fair Oaks Ranch TX Since 2005

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New Wave Locksmith is here to help with more than just home lockouts and lock repair. Call us

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We are commercial locksmith experts, offers your business the best lock and key services

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Our experienced locksmiths have the latest training and technology and are able to work quickly.


New Wave Locksmith is the largest security cameras supplier with a lot of experience since 2005

We have the best locksmiths.

Being the best locksmith company depends on how great your people are. It is just right that people of Fair Oaks Ranch get the best services, so we make sure that our locksmiths are the best in class. We make sure that whatever problem you might have with your locks and keys, we can fix it. If you just want to maintain your locks’ perfect working condition, we also make sure that our locksmiths know what to do. We are able to do these things because of various reasons. First, we train our people thoroughly. We are assuring that they all know the things that they should know about locks. Since there are lots of locks that are available in the market today and the plenty of jobs that might make one lock different to another, we give our locksmiths sufficient trainings and guides to keep up accordingly. Even it would take them months to master all of these things, our greatest goal is to make them ready for all problems with locks that customers might ask them to fix. Secondly, we certify our locksmiths that signify their professionalism and mastery of this industry. Through this, we are able to eliminate doubts from our customers about what our locksmiths can do for them. Lastly, we have the best office staff to assist out locksmiths. Starting from the moment you call us to further inquiries later on, our office personnel are ready to communicate things to our in-house locksmiths. Through these, we are able to work as a team.

We offer the lowest prices in the market.

We believe that a great service does not have to be expensive. This has been our mindset over the years and brought us loyal satisfied customers. We at Locksmith Fair Oaks Ranch know the value of money and the efforts you made to earn it; thus, we make sure that you get what you pay for, and sometimes even get more than what you pay for. Services should not be more expensive than the product, itself. Meaning, when you hire a locksmith to fix a broken lock for you, you expect it to be less expensive than buying a new lock since buying a new lock would require you a lot of money and effort. However, some locksmith companies still do the opposite. They trick customers just for profits, telling them false information about prices of parts and services just to persuade those customers to just get the expensive services they give. In our company, we try our best to eliminate this kind of thinking. We would want people to see every locksmith as great advantages and not people who just want more money from doing more talks than work. As we carry these principles over the years, we are continually being praised by our customers as they get the best services from what they pay for. To get quotations for your needs for repairing your locks, please kindly call us through our hotline number, and we would be glad to accommodate you.

We give 24/7 services.

Have you ever experienced waking up at night to use the comfort room or drink some water then found out that your front door or your window can’t be closed because its locks are broken? Then, you would find yourself in great panic because you can’t leave it like that overnight but you do not know who you should call? For you, people of Fair Oaks Ranch, worry no more because we got your back. New Wave Locksmith offers 24 hours a day and 7 days a week services. This means that you can call us to help you anytime it may be. All you need is to call us through our hotline number and just wait for our in-house locksmiths to go to your place directly. Even it is during midnight, dawn, or noon, we are always ready to take your call and go anywhere you may be. Through this, we are able to give you the exceptional locksmith services and show you how the best locksmith company should be. We are very much committed in this idea, and this has led us to having a great edge from our competitors. We promise to continue this kind of service, so you will have more time to think about other things than to spend a lot of time with your broken locks.

We have a smooth process for our transactions.

Our process for our transactions is simple. We chose to make it simple to save time of our customers. The first step starts from the moment you dial our hotline number. A front office person will be glad to assist you (you can expect him or her to be kind with the way he or she talks to you). During the call, our front officer will get the details of your problems with your locks – including what kind of lock it is, what brand it is, what the problem is, etc. Then, he or she will get your contact details including your specific location. Also, during this time, he or she can already give you the quotation for the service and ask you about your preferred payment method. After getting these pieces of information, he or she will forward your request to the in-house locksmith department so they can assign the best locksmiths to address your needs. The assigned locksmiths will then already proceed to the specific location you gave during your call. Upon arriving, the locksmiths will verify your details, introduce themselves, and diagnose the specific problem. After diagnosis, our locksmiths will then explain to you the specific problem of your lock and the best way for them to repair it. Then, the actual repair will start. Usually, the process should be fast as our personnel were trained to be direct and to be professional, so they are also not taking too much time of your busy day.

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